Creating a Personal Retreat

Life is busy!  A growing trend I've seen this year has home owners seeking to create spaces that function as a personal retreat or refuge.  We've created cozy master bedroom suites, spa-inspired bathrooms, urban "man caves" and multi-functional home offices.  Each client has come to me with a wish list - "a place to get away from my beloved children for 15 minutes" or "the bedroom I've always dreamed of having."  

Together we've reviewed countless photos, websites and archived magazine clipping to curate just the right look and feel.  Often we are able to re-use or up-cycle existing furnishings for the new space saving expenses so we could find a few areas to splurge on!  The result is always a very happy client, an updated home retreat and a little peace of mind in this busy world.

Contact us today and begin set your dreams free with a personal retreat!


  • Published July 31, 2016.

client testimonial

I am the owner of Showcase Cabinetry & Design and have been in business for many years. Over the years I have worked with a lot of designers and design firms. Scott Neste is a good designer with great ideas for layout and flow. He puts together very complimentary finishes that result in a very classy end product. I have been working with Scott for over two years and his consistency and happy customers are very refreshing.
Mike @ Showcase Cabinetry
Gig Harbor, WA
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