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Let’s talk!

Our approach is simple, honest, straightforward and engaging!  We talk, we listen, we discuss.

Every project is unique.  Each client has their own set of concerns that may include some apprehension, some pretty big dreams, some financial concerns and the need to “make it work” for all members of the household.  We love projects big or small.  We’ve created a minuscule office from a storage closet and have created spa inspired master baths from broom closets.  We’ve rebranded and renovated restaurants and created new retail spaces from former supermarkets.  From the dirt to the art – we’ve designed and furnished custom built homes and designed interior and custom art for a 30,000 square foot built-to-suit medical facility.  Diverse?  Yes!  Did we love it?  Every minute!

“In my opinion, a designer is one who listens, who observes, who asks questions and offers ideas for exploration then guides the creators to ensure that every minor detail of that dream is realized in the best way possible.  Designers are problem solvers, taking all things into account then finding or creating appropriate and unique solutions.  A designer is an editor.  One who helps decisions makers consider their best options, argues for choices they know will work and is willing to let go of things that don’t really matter for the good of the whole.” - Scott Neste

Light, balance, scale, texture, color, tone, placement, flow and editing are all tools that help craft a well-designed environment.  These are concepts that never go out of style and are essential in creating timeless livable spaces that become the backdrop for our lives.

This is our approach.

The best way to get the ball rolling is to have a great conversation.  A phone call or short studio meeting is all that’s necessary to begin design services.  It’s important to identify the scope or scale of your project and be sure that we’re a great fit for your needs.  A next step would be a two hour onsite consultation to further review your project, needs, dreams, budget and timeline.

Simply call us at 253.468.4965 or request more information.

client testimonial

I'm a new client of Scott Neste and his business Minor Details having recently moved to Tacoma's North End from the city of San Francisco. I've always been a renter and have never put too much thought into what my personal style is on the home front because my apartment or flat in SF always represented a "way station" for me. My move to Tacoma represented an opportunity to buy a home and begin to create a "grown up" house. Now, I'm never going to give up my framed vintage concert posters from The Fillmore but after meeting Scott I now have a collaborator that can help me bring to life a really cool rock and roll inspired media room that spotlights my 1966 Doors poster or a beautiful family room and living room where I can entertain friends or read a good book in front of a toasty fire. This is the first time I've worked with an interior designer and Scott makes the process really fun and easy. For example, I'm a very visual person and after getting overwhelmed looking at books of beautiful rugs Scott designed for me on paper a representation of the rooms we were designing that featured different color palettes and ideas for furniture and light fixtures. After looking at my options, I knew with absolute certainty the direction I wanted to go in with the color and the feel of the space. I think one of the biggest benefits of being a client of Scott's is he listens and just really, really good at what he does because he's passionate about design. He's helping me define my style and guiding me towards pieces that will not only work in my current rental home but in my home I hope to buy in the future. My space is so important to me and with Scott on my team I will be able to confidently create a home that reflects who I am-- one that captures my passion for beauty, music and has an element of surprise. In summary, Scott is a top-notch designer, a great person and has a client for life!
Sue Ellen S.
Proctor District, Tacoma, WA
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